07584 222994       Tattershall Lakes Country Park, 57 Sleaford Rd, Tattershall, Lincoln LN4 4LR
Terms & Conditions

We have a strict no smoking policy in all our properties if caught smoking you will be evicted with loss of any money paid

No Damage deposit means no damage no matter how small

it is your responsibility to check the property on arrival and notify us the day of arrival if you have found anything damaged in particular the hot tub lids

however we are fair and accidents can happen , honesty is the best policy you would be surprised by the amount of things people chose to try and hide yet we know for certain they have done it so by agreeing to these terms you agree to check the property and except responsibility they are all checked throughly after each guests departure and you will be notified if we have found anything before your arrival , we can miss minor things so thats is again why we ask you to check as well and notify us

example 1. if theres a glass or plate broken just let us know Asap , if we can repair or replace before the next guests arrive we are very likely not to withhold any of your deposit

example 2. If a child or adult is ill and bedding etc is messed up again please let us know so we can fetch replacement duvets etc we do have spares but do not carry them with us unless we know they are needed

You are obliged to keep the noise levels to a respectful level so as to not upset any other guests or residents of the park , security can and will remove any guests unwilling to do so we will not be liable for any refunds if this happens

Theres is a strict no swimming or diving in any of the lakes on the park policy again if caught doing so you can be evicted

BBqs are not allowed on the verandas these are made of plastic and can easily melt we do have areas on each of our properties away from the decking where you can use your own throw away BBqs

All rubbish must be disposed of before leaving and not left outside the property
dishes etc to be washed and put away

All bookings are to be paid in full at least 6 weeks before your arrival failure to do so will result in lose of any money paid and your holiday being cancelled unless we have agreed in writing beforehand

Dates cannot be transferred or changed due to weather conditions or acts of god etc once booked they are your dates and you are liable to make any precautions such as taking out an insurance policy like you should on any holiday booking

As private owners we are not in control of the park and on some occasions they can have issues with water supply / electricity supply we will do all we can to help but cannot be held liable if there are any issues resulting from a defect caused by the parks supplies

Nor do we control the entertainment provided when booking with us you are booking our property and use of our hot tub only . if you wish to use the entertainment complex you will need to confirm with Away resorts what’s on and when so you can decide to purchase passes or not they are not included with your booking

Tattershall lakes is adjacent to RAF Coningsby an active Raf base which does flight training this can be amazing to watch but can also be very loud and on some occasions they do night time drills which can go on through most of the night

Hot Tub Safety

All our hot tubs are drained and refilled prior to your arrival , these are filled with hot water so in most circumstances will already be at temp 40 degrees for your arrival but can sometimes be lower and still heating this cannot be avoided and is due to Hot tub maintenance teams schedule that day

if used correctly these will remain prefect for you entire booking , if however misused i.e not showering , sun tan creams fake tans etc affect the water and turn it very quickly you will be advised not to use it for your own protection they may even be turned off , if you have misused them and they need refilling during your stay or they can be but you will lose your deposit , there are only two buttons you need to use one says jets and the other lights if you play with the other and set it incorrectly your hot tub may not recycle correctly or indeed reheat , you will need to call us to arrange someone to come and reset it (£20 charge to reset £50 for drain and refill)

Hot tub lids should be moved far enough away from the tub so if caught in the wind they cannot blow over on any guest in the hot tub they are large and easily catch in the wind .

You as the person booking are responsible to notify each of your guests these terms and condition and will be held liable in the event of any problems that arise from failing to do so

We strongly advise you that you take out holiday insurance like you would any other holiday

Refund policy :

If for any reason you need to cancel your holiday before the 6 wks due date we will refund all moneys paid above your booking deposit

If you cancel after your due date any money paid is forfeit , if we can get the date ‘re booked we will refund 50% of the holiday cost not including the booking deposit